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Naxos Diving team welcome 's you to the fascinating world of Scuba Diving. 

Scuba diving for us is more than a hobby. It's  a way of life. It's our wonderful job to introduce you to the amazing underwater world!  We could write books describing you about the place here as well as our scuba  job..... but we prefer to  see it with your own eyes! 

We are not a fancy Scuba diving center! We are not in a crouded tourist place! We do serious teaching  so you can learn how to dive with the most safety & quality standards. We are  high rated Scuba instructors  on "Kampos Komiakis"a bay  where we have the diving base  and we are trying to do our best for your education and scuba enjoyment ! 

 The place here is idealy not only for scuba diving courses but also for  relaxation under the picturesque plane trees and swimming in the crystal bluish Cycladic sea water  ! 

                             We love this place  and we hope you to love it too! 

                                                                                                                                You are welcome even if you don't want to dive. For sure we will be glad to meet !

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Interested about Recreational Scuba Diving?

First time or not our team will teach and quide you through the blue Aegean sea !

                                                                                       Let's start.... 

Or..... do you prefer Technical Diving?

Technical diving or tec diving is a form of scuba diving that exceeds the conventional limits – especially depth and bottom time – of recreational diving.

So if you want to try or upgrade your scuba knowledge our TEC DEEP Instructor -Manolis Bardanis  can teach or guide you with the most quality standards  through Tec Rec Diving!  

                                                                                           Read more about TEC diving ...

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