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Manolis Bardanis (Owner & founder of Naxos Diving Center)

Manolis was born in 1968 in Apeiranthos Naxos .
He is an Instructor in Scuba ,Free diving and Tec Rec Diving.
He has trained over 500 new divers and he led in underwater excursions over 4,000 certified divers. He is  PADI Master Instructor
and holds numerous PADI specialties.
Apart from diving he is a founding member of  Natural History Museum in Apeiranthos Naxos  after having dealt with the study of marine organisms, shells and marine mammals and he also deals with  the  exploration and history of wrecking
during the second world war in Naxos and  writes his foundings on "Aviation Archaelogy in Greece"

CERTIFICATIONS                                                                                                                                            PADI specialties instructor:
PADI  Master  Instructor                                                                                                                          • Underwater Photography
· EFR Instructor- care for children w / AED                                                                              • Search & Recovery
· Freediving Instructor 2 * CMAS - EOUDATK                                                                       • Equipment Specialist
· Scuba Instructor 2 * CMAS - EOUDATK                                                                                   • PPB - Project AWARE
· TEC DEEP  INSTRUCTOR                                                                                                                        • Nitrox
· TEC REC Trimix Diver                                                                                                                                  • Trimix Blender
· TEC REC Cave Diver
· MARES specialized technician 

Vassilis Vintzilaios

Vassilis was born in the city of Athens. In 2000 moved to Naxos island
were he began more seriously  his diving adventures.
He followed all the diving steps up to  Divemaster with Naxos Diving
center and now he is a valuable member of our team.
He has environmental responsibility , he took part of several beach
cleanups including ports and he has a lot of engineer  knowledges.


  •   Divemaster  
  •   Deep Diver
  •   Speed Boat License

Andreas Grigoratos

Andreas  was born in September 1988 at the city of Athens. His roots
comes  from Kefalonia.
He lives in London for his Master Degree in studies such as , Military
History and international relations.
He also has a degree in Business administration.
He loves music, travel and of course scuba diving!
That's why he decided to explore the underwater world and  become
a PADI Instructor.
Andreas is a honorary member of Naxos Diving .You can recognise him
easily because he is always with a smile on his face and you are going
to enjoy  the conversation with him. 


  •   PADI  Instructor         
  • · EFR Instructor- care for children w / AED
  • · TEC REC Diver

PADI specialties instructor:
• Night
• wreck
• PPB - Project AWARE
• Deep Instructor

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